Aug 31, 2021

A Fairy Tale Story

 Hello, it’s Sue of Ully Cat’s World and today we are making a slimline pop-up New Home card from the castle collection by Karen Burniston.

You will need:

·         One lightweight green cardstock 9 inches x 4 inches

·         One lightweight black cardstock 9 inches x 4 inches (Or fold one 9 inches x 8 inches green piece in half instead of using two separate pieces)

·         Two starry night patterned paper 9 inches x 4 inches 

·         Cut from Castle Pop-Up set

o   One large castle in medium gray cardstock

o   Two Tabbed tower pieces from medium gray cardstock

o   Six decorative large wall pieces using embossing pads from light gray cardstock

o   Two decorative small wall pieces using embossing pads from light gray cardstock

o   Two decorative tower pieces using embossing pads from light gray cardstock

o   Two decorative drawbridge tower pieces using embossing pads from light gray cardstock

o   Two decorative window tower pieces from light gray cardstock

o   Two decorative tower roof pieces from blue paper

o   Four flags from red paper

o   One drawbridge door piece from brown paper

o   One 4-5 inch piece of thin baker’s twine

·         Cut from Slim Flaps and Frames Set

o   Three top-fold pieces from green cardstock

o   Two side-fold pieces from green cardstock (You don’t need this piece if you are using a single piece of cardstock, folded base)

·         Cut from Mini Pops Pop-Up Set

o   Two large-angled platforms from green cardstock

o   Three small-angled platforms from green cardstock

·         Cut from Winter Charms set

o   Three small fir trees from light green cardstock (filling in hole with cardstock)

o   Two large fir trees from dark green cardstock (trimming off charm ring)

·         Cut from Princess and Mermaid set

o   One head and arms piece from skin-colored cardstock (using stencil on die and fine tipped markers color in facial features)

o   One hair piece from colored cardstock

o   One dress underskirt from dark blue cardstock

o   One dress from light blue cardstock

o   One belt from dark blue cardstock

o   One crown from gold cardstock

·         Cut from Knight and Dragon set

o   One dragon from green pearlescent paper (using stencil on die and fine tipped markers color in wings and facial features)

o   One dragon tummy from white pearlescent paper (using stencil on die and fine tipped markers color in tummy stripes)

o   One flame from yellow cardstock (using stencil on die and fine tipped markers color in flame with red)

o   One heart from red foil card

o   One knight from silver foil card

o   One set of visor, gloves, shoe tips and shoulders from silver foil card

o   One large shield from silver foil card

o   One sword from silver foil card (color handle black with a permanent marker)

o   One helmet plume from red paper

o   One small shield from red paper (Draw a cross on shield using a black marker and ruler)

·         Cut from Word Set 2 –Birthday

o   “a wish” from gold card

·         Cut from Word Set 4 – Just a Note

o   “ing” from gold card

·         Cut from Happily Ever After

o   “Happily, Ever After” from gold card

·         Cut from Nesting Circles Set

o   One circle the size of the castle from green card stock

o   One circle at least a half inch larger all round the size of the castle from blue paper

There are two ways to create the card base – one using two single side flaps in the center of the card acting as the hinge with the top black 9 x 4 piece, and the second way using a single piece folded to form the 9x 4 card base. (I will be showing the first way in photos.) 

Glue top-flaps to short sides of the green card base. With these flaps closed, glue the two side flaps to the center of card base. Glue the final top-fold flap to front side of the two center flaps.  

Castle – Lightly ink the embossed tower and wall pieces with a grey or black Distress Ink. Folded the six score lines on the castle piece.

Adhere all decorative pieces to front and back of castle piece except for back/inside short wall and back/inside drawbridge tower pieces. (You will adhere these pieces once the castle is installed to card base so they can cover over the green and twine pieces.)

Glue tab to undecorated side of castle to form a six-side circle.

Fold both the green circle and the blue circle in half and cut along fold. Glue one half of blue circle to center of the center flaps along the center fold. Adhere the other side of blue circle to other side of fold allowing a small gap along the fold so that the card can open easily. 

Center the green circle pieces over the blue circle and tape the green circle at sides using removable tape. Using the pop-up die with the nubs, center the nubs over the fold or gap on the green circle and tape. 

Move the taped green circle with die taped to it to die cutting machine. Remove all the tape from the die and green circle after cutting. Fold up the cut tabs in the circle. 

Glue the green circle on to the blue circle with the tabs up.

Match the drawbridge tab to the inside of the castle and glue in place with the door/bridge open. Thread twine through top holes in tower. Adhere the solid tab to the inside of castle opposite of drawbridge opening. Glue brown door to top of drawbridge matching up holes.  Thread twine through drawbridge holes and glue to underside of bridge and then adhere bridge open to blue circle. Glue remaining decorative pieces to inside of castle to hide the green tabs and twine.

From scrap green cardstock cut rectangles to hide the blue showing from where tabs fold up. (An alternative would be to cut circle slightly smaller than the green circle of a thin paper that would mimic grass or stone of a castle floor to cover the holes.)

(If your tallest tower hangs out when the card is closed, you can trim the tower some and reglue the flag. I decided that I could live with the hint of the flag showing.)

Knight, Princess and Dragon
– Assemble figures following package directions. 

To attach the figures and trees to the card, first glue any decorative background papers to the back of the three flaps. Layout the position of the figures and trees with angles platforms making sure none of the figures will show when the card is closed. Adhere the figures to platforms and then to the card base following the die package instructions.

Card Front
– Adhere a starry night paper panel to black front card base and the other piece to the back side of card base hiding the flaps’ tabs. With card closed, glue black side of front panel to center flaps.

Secure the inside of black panel to card base with washi tape. Glue “ing” to “wish” to form the word “wishing.” Adhere sentiments to front of card.

A personal message can be added above and below the castle.

The finished card will fit into a #10 business envelope.

Hope this pop-up card has put a smile on your face and provided some inspiration for your crafting. 😊

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