Jun 17, 2020

Stars & Stripes Galore

Hi everyone!  Thank you for visiting the blog today.  I'm Monica of HeartcraftPaper.  Today I have an wonderful Red, White & Blue tribute.  I was inspired to create this card when I received my latest die.  It is a wonderful flag die.  This was the focal point of my card that was set off by a wonderful patriotic digital paper set. 

Below is a list of supplies you will need to make this card.

Supply List

Born In The USA digital Paper - FrouFrouCraft (printed on 110lb cardstock)
White Cardstock
Red Cardstock
Hot Glue Gun
Liquid Glue
Scotch Tape
Red & Blue Bakers Twine
Small Score Board
1/4" Foam Tape

For this card I really wanted the flag die to stand out, so I decided to use some pattern paper for my die cut.  I had a wonderful digital paper pack from FrouFrouCraft that celebrates the 4th of July.  I used the red and blue pattern paper.  I printed out them out on an letter paper to make 4 - A2 pieces.  Then used the flag die to cut out from the red print, then the blue print and finally the white cardstock. I kept the red stripes.  blue star background piece, the white frame and the white stars. 

Using the quilting technique I placed the reserved pieces into their appropriate spots and taped them down with Scotch tape.  

Because the stars are so small I placed tape all along the back of my blue cut out.  The tape peeking through will catch the stars as i put them into places.  I used a set of fine pointy tweezers to do this.  Once I placed them all where I wanted them, I pressed firmly down.  This is what the flag will look like.  Once completed, I set it aside.

Next I made made a blue and red rosette using the same prints as the flag.  This helped to tie all the pieces together.  Trim three strips of 1" x 4.25" of red and blue.  Score each strip every 1/4" across.  Fold the strips along the strips accordion style.  Using liquid glue the three red strips of red together end to end and then glue the two ends together to form a circle.  Repeat this process with the blue strips. 

Once the liquid glue has dried its time to form the rosette.  I laid out my non stick craft mat for this.  Laying flat the rosette and bringing the circle close together enough to add a dollop of glue and then closing in the circle so that it leaves a small center.  I held this in place for about 1 minute to allow the glue to set.  I then repeated this with the second rosette.  once both have dried in place, i twisted the rosettes off of the mat.  This leaves a flat backing. 

Red, white and blue print I cut two more strips of 1" x 4.25".  I scored each at every 1/4" to the end.  I created a fishtail banner and then corrugated it.  I set these aside for later.

I cut out a piece of white cardstock to the same size of my flag.  I adhered this to the back of the flag so that the pieces do not come loose.  

I die cut a piece of red cardstock using the largest of the scalloped dies.  I then adhered this to my card base using liquid glue.  This allows me some wiggle room to set this in the center of the card. 

Using the next scalloped die down I die cut out a the grey print from the digital paper pack.  I then adhered this to the card base using liquid glue.  I tried to make sure that it was perfectly centered on the red piece. 

I made two billie bows(red & blue).  To make a billie bow, wrap twine around two fingers four times.  Leave a long tail and then tie the loops together with a knot.  Then separate the loops so that it looks like a butterfly. 

Using a hot glue gun I adhered the string to the center of the rosettes.  I used opposing colors.  I think the bows turned out perfectly.  


Using the smallest of the star dies, I die cut stars from the remaining White print I had.  I then hot glued the stars to the center of the rosettes.  

Because of the ridges on the rosettes, I wanted to make sure they would adhere to my card, I used hot glue to adhere them.  I placed one on opposing corners. 

I also adhered the corrugated banners under each rosette edge using hot glue.  

I'm down to my last piece.  I placed 3 strips of 1/4" foam tape down the center of my flag and hot glue on each corner to adhere to each rosette.  The foam will provide much need stability in the center of the flag.  Finally, I  rolled the corners that were left unglued so that it gave the flag the appearance of movement. 

This is what your final project will look like. 

Thank you for visiting.  I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and found some inspiration to make a card like this.  Until next time!

XOXO - Monica (HeartcraftPaper)

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  1. Great tribute to the red, white and blue! Love the dimension and flag die.


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