Feb 27, 2019

Floral Hello

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Kristina H. here with today's project share.  I've got an any occasion card for you.  Check out this beauty!

I find that when you have a gorgeous die to work with it is really easy to make a gorgeous card.  Not to mention it takes minimal effort.  Now that's my kind of die!

I started by grabbing a piece of dark gray cardstock.  I then taped the Pinkfresh Studios Hello With a Bouquet die down and ran it through my die cut machine.  Next I carefully poked out all of the pieces I didn't need.   This is another die where I recommend you use your metal/detail shim in your die cut machine.

Once I had all of the pieces poked out, I taped the die cut piece onto an A2 sized piece of watercolor cardstock.  I taped it in several places so that it wouldn't wiggle around.  I got out two different colors of Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers and my waterbrush.  I went through flower by flower and leaf by leaf.  I added a little of the dark gray marker to the bottom of the flower sections and spread out the color with the waterbrush.  I keep a paper towel close by to scribble off my waterbrush if I feel like it still has too much color.  I repeated this for all of the flowers.  Then I used the light gray marker on all of the leaves using the same technique with the markers.

Here is what it looked like after I got all of the sections colored and removed the die cut piece.

Doesn't that look cool?

Next I cut about a 1/16th of an inch off a top and bottom of the watercolor panel.  I added some Stick-it adhesive to another piece of dark gray cardstock and ran it through my die cut machine.  If I had done that with my first piece I could have used it but I didn't think of it at the time.  This die cut is pretty fine and would be difficult to add liquid glue to the back of.  Not impossible but not exactly fun, at least for me.  I peeled off the backing paper and carefully lined it up with the watercolored cardstock.

I thought it looked pretty striking just like this but I wasn't done yet.  I decided I wanted to use silver glitter paper for all of the letters.  I cut a piece of glitter paper just large enough to cover the letter section of the die and ran it through the die cut machine.  When I laid the glitter paper close to the colored piece I realized the silver was just too bright in comparison.  Thankfully this is a pretty easy fix.  I got out a T3 and T5 Copic marker.  I went over all of the letters with the chisel end of the T3 marker.  This toned down the brightness of the silver.  I think I went over it two times.  Then I added a bit of T5 to the very bottom and blended it up just a bit with the T3 until I was happy with the blend.

I popped the letters out and glued them into place on the watercolor panel.  Now we are pretty close to finishing up this card!

I used a corner rounder punch on all four corners of the watercolor panel.  Then I glued it down to an A2 sized card base of the same dark gray cardstock I used for the die cut.  It leaves a tiny little space on the top and bottom of the card.  This helps to tie the base together with the die cut piece.  For the final touches I glued a few confetti sequins down around the card.  That's it!

I know I say this all the time but I'm so pleased with how it turned out!  

Supplies used are listed below.  Please note, the image is not for the Pinkfresh Studios die that it I used, Hello with a Bouquet.  It is currently out of stock and the link has been temporarily removed from the site.  When you click on the link it will take you to all of the Pinkfresh Studios dies.  Dies R Us has tons of other gorgeous dies you could use in its place to be sure!

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Stick It Adhesive sheets
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Pinkfresh Studios
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