Jun 4, 2016

New Drivers on the Road

Welcome to the Dies R Us Inspiration Blog.  Ann here today with my favorite kind of card to make -- scene cards.

I have two nephews who turned 16 in May.  One lives in the rural part of upstate New York and the other lives closer to a major city in Connecticut.  Both nephews got their driving permits on their birthdays.  Look out world, there's two new (male) drivers on the road.

This card is for "The New Country Driver", Nicholas.

This card is for "The New City Driver", Danny.

The card I made for my nephew who lives near the city reminds me of a time when my parents took my family on a trip to NYC one summer.  It was around 1978 or so.  My father drove a blue Chevy station wagon; it wasn't a Woody like on my card, but it was still a station wagon.  It had a rear third seat where, if your stomach could tolerate it,  you could face backwards and look out the rear window.  

Dad decided to drive the whole family (9 of us) in the station wagon to NYC to do some sightseeing.   We stopped in Central Park for a picnic lunch.  Here's a photo my Dad took from, I'm assuming, the top of the Statue of Liberty:

Products used to make the first card include:

For the second card I used the following dies in addition to the tree dies above:

These cards were fun to make since the recipients are my nephews.  In hindsight, I should have put the red car on the city card and the Woody on the country card but the station wagon being in the city brought back memories so I kept it that way.


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  1. Both are fabulous cards for your nephews Ann, you've created perfect scenes for them both! The dies you have chosen to build the scenes match the differnent parts of the US they live in perfectly.
    I love your family story too.

  2. Oh my! These are so cute!! I must get a car die now so I can make cards for my nieces and nephews who are all becoming of age to get their licenses. It sounds like your dad was pretty fun and amazing!!

  3. 2 fantastic cards! Love the city/country 'mouse' themes lol We had a white station wagon, back and forth to Iowa we went to see my grandparents, camping along the way. We had that 3rd seat too, although we always lowered it and put sleeping bags and pillows in the way way back, as we called it. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Again, GREAT cards!

  4. Ann, I don't know how you do it! It's just not in me to think up such designs, and yours are not only interesting, but BEAUTIFUL with the different textures of papers, and the variety of colors and shapes. Wonderful designs! hugs, de

  5. these are terrific for your nephews and love how you personalized them,,, our cousins had a station wagon like that too and we would ride backwards in it, great memories!


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