Jan 12, 2015

Special Card For A Special Friend :)

Hi! Happy Monday everybody :)

Remember, Monday is the day I host Dies R Us Inspirational Blog.
so yes, please don't get tired seeing me every Monday, hehe... :)

Anyway, I made this super pinky card for a friend. I promised to make her one long time ago, finally I could fullfil it.
Actually this is should be pink and black card, but I got lost in the wonderful pink colours,  and it's sooo pink! LOL.

I'm using:

This wonderful lineart was drawn by JadeDragonne. Please visit her devianart HERE
You sure will love her creations! :) 

Anyway, if you visit our STORE, you'll find tons of our new arrival! :)
Click here, and prepare to get lost! :) :) :)

Have a nice day, everybody :)


Mikha Adriani

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