Jan 26, 2015

Birthday Box

Hi everybody!
Happy Monday! Mikha is here :)
So sorry for the late post :( I had some sleeping issue last night.

Anyway, today I'm gonna share this birthday box for a friend for Dies R Us Inspirational Blog today.

I'm using:

Here it is :)
No coloruing for today!
There are gonna be a lot of photos, so please brace yourself, teehee...

Here's the side looks: 

And this is what you'll see when you open it :) 

Here's the details: 

You could put the present here! 

It's once again how it looks, from different angle. 

And this is my favourite part!
Ribbons, plus key and padlock charm, topped with pearl :) 

Been a while since I made any 3D creations; in fact I really enjoy made it :) :) :)
I hope you enjoy it as I do!

Thank you so much for visiting today, and don't forget to take a peek at our STORE. And yes, we're always having new arrival waiting for you to adopt ;) hehe...

Until next time!


Mikha Adriani

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