Nov 3, 2014

Joy To The World!

Hi everybody!
How've you been? :) :)
Monday comes, and Mikha is here, bringing you new inspiration for Dies R Us Inspirational Blog.

Today, I'm decorating a christmas house :)
Dies R Us products I used are:

Here's the pattern.
Actually it's on A4 paper size. I spare you the blank pattern without dimemsion if you want to print it and cut it. But if you want to redraw it, you're more than welcome. Just need to right click and save this image ;)

OMG, forget to mark the roof. It's 9cm x 3.5cm!!

If you haven't popped by the store, just click HERE and see our collections ;)

Until next Monday!!


Mikha Adriani


  1. Eeeek! what an adorable project! I may have to steal that ;)

  2. WOWZA this is just AMAZING Mikha! GREAT JOB!!! You are so clever and inspiring! Thanks!

  3. OMG! This is just amazing! I may have to try this with some snowmen! Awesome job!!


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